Postponed matches, reporting and Covid


If you have to postpone a fixture please inform the Fixture & Competition Secretary and re-arrange the match as quickly as possible, even on a day other than a Wednesday.

Remember it is the responsibility of the home team to let the Fixture & Competition Secretary know the result of all matches as soon as possible after the match by email to or by phone 07890836507


This pandemic is not going away and likely to be with us at the start of next season so it is the responsibility of each club to continue to take every precautionary measures to protect members as far as possible principally:

  1. Continue to provide and display sanitising equipment for use of members and visiting teams.
  2. If weather is fine and dry change shoes and leave bags outside rather than congregating inside clubhouses and changing rooms.
  3. Clubs to decide whether to provide after match refreshments depending on numbers and having sufficient room in a safe environment.

I hope that all members are looking forward and can enjoy a full fixture, cup and competition programme in 2022 without any restrictions having to be imposed.

Tony Baker,